Flug Sport Verein Laichingen e.V.
Brief Introduction

At the moment our club consists of about 90 active members,
from 14 year old students to the founders who had established the
club in the year 1950.

Our airfield is located in southern germany at the hills of the
   'Schwäbische Alb',
somewhere between Stuttgart and Munic.
For detailed navigational information, refer to our overview-page,
or official aeronautical publications (AIP).
Please note, that our airfield has a PPR (prior permission required) state.

On travelling by car, maybe a collection of overview sketches and links will help.

If You are interessted in aviation or soaring, have at look at our list of planes.
The german soaring server is located at segelflug.de (also available in English ond some other languages).

For general information about the area, contact the city of Laichingen (German only),
or the local internet club LAI.de.

As an example of a touristical highlight visit the homepage of the Vertical Cave.
Accommodation (Hotels, Restaurants, etc) may be found here (German only).

Happy landings !

For other languages, You may try an automatic translator on Your own risk :-)